(Amended – February 2020)

  1.  Dugouts are first come/first serve.  Home team will be designated on    

       the game schedule.

  1.  Games will begin promptly at 6:30 p.m. and will continue until 6 innings

       have been completed or the 1½ hour time limit is reached.

  1.  Because this is an instructional league and pitching is done by a

       pitching machine, the coach will be allowed to coach from the pitching

       rubber during the pitch.  The pitching machine should be positioned  

       approximately 35 feet from home plate and the speed should be set at

       30-35 miles per hour.  For pitch consistency, every effort should be

       made to use 11 inch pitching machine (dimpled) softballs.

  1.  The offensive team coach shall operate the pitching machine for their  

       batters.  This coach shall also be designated as the base coach for the

       offensive team.  A second offensive coach shall be allowed to coach   

       and provide instruction for the batter from the area traditionally used

       by the home plate umpire.

  1.  For each ½ inning the offensive team shall bat through their line-up or  

 record three outs whichever occurs first.  All rostered players    

 present at each game shall be listed in the team line-up.  The inning is 

 over when the third out occurs or  the offensive team reaches the end  

 of their batting line-up and home plate is touched by any defensive

 player in possession of the ball.

  1. A maximum of ten (10) players will be allowed on defense at one time. 

      If used, the additional defender must be positioned in the outfield

      (outfield being grass area).  Since all players are in the batting order,  

      free substitution is allowed.  If a team is playing short-handed, the  

      teams can agree prior to the beginning of the game, to loan the

      opposing team additional players so more players get more playing   


  1. A maximum of two defensive coaches will be allowed in the field.  The

      defensive coach/coaches shall have the duties of the base umpire and

      be responsible for calls of safe or out at all bases and home plate.

8.  A maximum of five pitches will be provided to each batter.  The batter is

     allowed to swing at all five pitches.

  1. Once a pitch is put into play by a hit, the ball is live.  When an infielder  

      fields the ball and attempts to make a play on any runner, the ball 

      becomes dead on an overthrow at the base thrown to.  Each base

      runner will then advance one and only one base.  When an outfielder

      fields a batted ball and overthrows a base attempting to make a play at

      any base, the batter is awarded a ground rule double.  Any ball hit past

      the outfielders on the grass becomes an automatic ground rule double. 

      All other runners advance accordingly. 

  1. Use of a batting tee during games is prohibited.

11.  NO walks will be allowed.  Each batter will either hit the ball or strike


12. NO base stealing is allowed.

  1.  NO sliding by base runners is allowed.
  1.  Teams may play games with as few as 7 players.  Players arriving late  

            can be inserted into the batting order at any time.

  1.  Field condition and safety issues caused by weather may cause a

       game to be called.  The responsibility for such a decision rests

       primarily with the field owner/representative.  Whether a game should

       be called due to weather is to be decided only by that representative.

  1.  All ASA 10U rules including all mercy rules apply unless otherwise  

       stated above.

Games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings beginning on March 30th.  Game time is 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm.

ASA background checks are required by ASA and GALS for ALL COACHES.  The ASA ACE Certification is recommended but will NOT be mandatory at this age level.  Coaches can do the background and/or ACE on line at  The cost for background check only is around $10.00.  The cost for the ACE (which includes a background check) is around $25.00.

GALS will require Parental Waivers be filled out by all players and because we will be registering players with ASA, copies of birth certificates will be required.