2021 GALS 14U and 16U League standings

Over the last several years, the GALS Board of Directors has seen participation in the 14U and 16U divisions decrease for a variety of reasons. Therefore, The GALS Board of Directors has decided to modify league schedule format. The GALS Board of Directors has opted to do a 12 game regular season with no year end tournament. To determine first, second and third place in the league standings, the Board has adopted the following policy.

  1. Each coach must report each game score within 24 hours of the games being played. Home book score will be the official score.

If only one coach reports, that score will be accepted as official. It is imperative that both coaches report W-L and score by e-mail to caldwellgals@gmail.com within 24 hours of the games played. As you will see, accuracy is of utmost importance. Discrepancies will be resolved by home book.

  • Division standings will be determined in the following manner:  
    • Record by wins versus losses- tie games become wins for both teams under league rules. Winning percentage of games actually played will be used. Games cancelled because of weather will not be part of the calculation.
    • If two teams are tied when winning percentage is calculated, the first tie breaker is head to head competition. There may be instances where the tied teams did not play each other.
    • The second tie breaker is Runs Allowed- the team with fewer runs allowed ON AVERAGE is the higher placed team.
    • The third tiebreaker is Runs Scored- the team with the higher runs scored ON AVERAGE is the higher placed team.
    • The fourth tie breaker is Run Differential calculated by using total runs scored versus total runs allowed.
    • The fifth tiebreaker is a coin flip.