Board of Directors & Bylaws

Board Officers and Members

Gearld Wolff

Vice Persident:
Don Atkinson

Rebecca Robinson

At-Large: Chris Robinson

At-Large: Travis Engle

At-Large: Eric Rangel

At-Large: Al Mendiola

At-Large: Amaia Vicandi-Bow

At-Large: Anna Denn





SECTION 1. NAME: The name of this organization shall be the GIRL’S ATHLETIC LEAGUE SOFTBALL, INC., hereinafter referred to as the “G.A.L.S. or GALS”, a non-profit community organization.


The objects of GALS are:

SECTION 1. To unite those engaged and/or interested in the recognized branches of nonprofessional youth girls softball in this community and the surrounding areas for the purpose of exerting a beneficial influence upon the participants, spectators, and the community.

SECTION 2. To promote and maintain high standards of conduct and sportsmanship of players, parents, spectators, and coaches becoming the game on or off the field at all times.

SECTION 3. To provide a unified organized female youth softball program for those interested in this community and the surrounding areas whereby their interests may be encouraged and advanced, and whereby all interested girls who are physically fit and eligible have an opportunity to participate on a team.

SECTION 4. To encourage in the community and the surrounding areas the development of CITIZENSHIP, FRIENDSHIP, SPORTSMANSHIP, and LEADERSHIP through properly organized and safely equipped team sports activity for female youth.


SECTION 1. The membership shall consist of parents, grandparents, and guardians of team participants, officials, umpires, scorekeepers, and coaches of teams, and businesses, team sponsors, corporations, and individuals interested in promoting and furthering the aims and purposes of this organization in the community and the surrounding areas who agree to abide by the rules and regulations thereof, and pay any costs incidental thereto.


SECTION 1. Registration shall be conducted each year by the end of March. Late registration will be allowed in order to fill out a team roster.

SECTION 2. Each registered girl shall be assigned to a team according to her age using January 1 as the official birth date deadline or as regulated by the Amateur Softball Association (A.S.A.).

SECTION 3. Each registered girl shall be covered under a group medical insurance policy or as regulated by the A.S.A.

SECTION 4. Registration fees shall be minimal, reasonable, and directly related to the actual costs of the operation of the program. Fees shall be determined by the Board of Directors and may be waived on a case by case basis because of inability to pay provided the girl registers and is covered by the required insurance policy.


SECTION 1. Good conduct and the highest regard for sportsmanship is to be practiced by coaches, players, and spectators at all times whether on or off the playing field. Therefore misconduct by any person associated in any way with our program will not be tolerated.

SECTION 1.1 Coaches, assistant coaches, and officials will not smoke, use alcoholic beverages, use illegal drugs, or use abusive language on the practice or playing field.
SECTION 1.2 No alcoholic beverages of any kind, no illegal drugs of any kind, or abusive language or misconduct will be permitted on or around the practice or playing field by anyone viewing or participating in the practice of game.
SECTION 1.3 Any difficulties or incidents of misconduct at practice or game areas should be avoided, but if encountered, must be reported immediately to the appropriate league official.
SECTION 1.4 League officials and umpires have the authority and will be expected to enforce these regulations by removing the offender from the area of play.


SECTION 1. The Board shall be nominated and elected by and from the general membership and shall consist of no less than five (5) but no more than nine (9) voting members: President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, and at least two (2) Board Members-At-Large, up to a maximum of six (6) Board Members-At-Large. The Board shall always consist of an odd number of members. Majority vote of a quorum is required to conduct business, modify rules, and make decisions. A quorum is defined as the attendance of at least 50% of the elected Board at any properly noticed Board meeting. All members of the Board of Directors are representatives of this organization and thus shall promote the organization and uphold all bylaws. No one is eligible for either nomination or election to the Board of Directors unless they have been an active participant in league activities for two (2) playing seasons prior to their nomination or election.

SECTION 1.1 Officers shall be elected for two year terms. Officer’s terms shall be staggered so there will always be a returning officer each year. The President and Secretary/Treasurer shall be elected in odd numbered years and shall serve two year terms. The Vice-President shall be elected in even numbered years and shall serve a two year term. All Board Members-At-Large shall be elected for one year terms. Board Members and Officers may resign their positions only in writing and present their resignation to a corporate officer. If any Officer resigns, the remaining Officers and Board Members shall appoint a successor within 30 days of resignation.
SECTION 1.2 The President shall be a resident of Caldwell. The President shall perform all the duties normally associated with the head of an organization, including the appointment of committees. The President will conduct all Board of Directors meetings in accordance with the rules of parliamentary procedure and Roberts Rules of Order.
SECTION 1.3 The Vice-President shall be a resident of Caldwell. The Vice-President shall in the absence or disability of the President act for and perform all the duties of the President and in addition, shall act as first assistant to the President in accomplishing the objectives of the organization.
SECTION 1.4 The Secretary/Treasurer shall be a resident of Caldwell. The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep and record the minutes of all general meetings, give proper notice (either orally or in writing) of said meetings, and prepare agendas for such meetings. The Secretary/Treasurer will handle all correspondence for the league deemed necessary and will be in charge of public relations. The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep the purchase records, receive and safely keep all organization funds, and disburse same on orders from the Board of Directors. The Secretary/Treasurer will keep proper ledger sheets, make reports of all receipts and disbursements, plus any other duty assigned by the President.
SECTION 1.5 The Board Members-At-Large will be the official liaisons between the player’s and/or coaches and the Board of Directors. The Board Members-At-Large will also be the official liaisons between parents, umpires, etc. and the Board of Directors. Board Members-At-Large will assist the Board on various committees and perform other duties as delegated by the Board.
SECTION 1.6 A majority of the Board of Directors shall always be residents of Caldwell.


SECTION 1. Rules Committee – shall consist of the Board of Directors. The regulations and play rules will be in accordance with current A.S.A. rules. The regulations and playing rules shall be reviewed every year and any A.S.A. changes or proposed local rule changes shall be presented to the Board for approval. All regulations and rules adopted for the season will be enforced by the Board.

SECTION 2. Protest Committee (for tournament play only) – shall consist of three (3) members: the tournament director, the umpire-in-chief, and one (1) member of the Board of Directors. NO protests are allowed during regular season play. All protests must be submitted in accordance with A.S.A. rules.
The Protest Committee shall render a decision regarding the protest as quickly as possible relying upon the A.S.A. rules of play. There will be NO protests allowed on a judgment call by the umpire.

SECTION 3. Other Committees – may consist of, but are not limited to: Ways and Means, year-end social, awards, concessions, safety and equipment, tournaments, and membership.


SECTION 1. All girls who are eligible to play will be assigned to teams according to their age. Girls may move up an age level to play only if the parent and/or legal guardian, and the prior year’s coach agree the girl is physically and emotionally able to play at the higher age level. An ‘age change’ form must be filled out by a parent and/or legal guardian and the prior
year’s coach. In the absence of the coach, a Board member may discuss the request with the parent and/or legal guardian and may approve the age change. Any player moving up in age level to play may be sent back to her own age level at the discretion of the coach or upon parental request prior to the first game of the season.

SECTION 2. Each team’s league roster shall consist of a maximum of fifteen (15) or a minimum of ten (10) players.

SECTION 3. Every girl who is physically fit and eligible, and who has the proper equipment must play in at least two (2) innings of every game. An exception would be when a game ends or is called in less than regulation time. In the event of a participating injured player, with no eligible substitutes remaining, a team may substitute a former participating player. A player must bat at least once if the game is at least six (6) full innings in duration. In the event that time is called, etc., the player that did not play will start the next game. Exception: Coaches shall be responsible for team discipline – if a player does not practice on a consistent basis, this rule may be waived or modified by notice to the umpire before the beginning of the game. Players must practice in order to play.

SECTION 4. Failure to comply with Section 3 shall result in a forfeiture of the game. The coach will be addressed by the Board of Directors on proper procedures, etc.

SECTION 5. Players that are ill, injured, are being disciplined, or are out of town or a No Show are not required to play, but must be listed on the line up cards given to the home plate umpire and the opposing coach prior to the game.

SECTION 6. Line up cards must be filled out before game time and one copy given to the home plate umpire and one copy given to the opposing team’s scorekeeper.

SECTION 7. Board members, coaches, umpires, scorekeepers, and team moms are provided by volunteers from our community and deserve your support and encouragement.


SECTION 1. Dates, times, and standards for practice and play, and the starting of league play will be established each year by the Board of Directors.

SECTION 2. All practice sessions will be terminated at least one-half hour before darkness.

SECTION 3. All players must practice on a consistent basis in order to play.


SECTION 1. PRIDE in our fields and in our facilities is just as important as pride in our ball players and our teams.

SECTION 2. Playing fields will be designated for each age group.

SECTION 3. It shall be the coach’s responsibility to have their team police the practice area.


SECTION 1. All regular season games will commence at either 6:00 p.m. or 7:45 p.m., unless being played on a lighted field. Game length and participation rules are regulated by rules established by the Board of Directors rules committee.

SECTION 2. Game length is governed by the annual rules of play.

SECTION 3. A tie game in a regular season game is listed as a win for both teams.


SECTION 1. Personal equipment may be used if approved by the coach. Each player must furnish her own glove and shoes. Personal equipment may include batting helmets, catcher’s equipment, and/or bats, as approved for use by the A.S.A. or the Board of Directors.

SECTION 2. GALS will furnish softballs, bats, bases, batting helmets w/face guards and chin straps, catcher’s equipment (chest protector, mask & helmet, and shin guards), as approved for use by A.S.A. or the Board of Directors. It is mandatory for the catcher to wear all safety equipment at all practices and games.

SECTION 3. Balls – the ball must be official as per league designation. An 11” ball is used for 10U and 12” balls are used for 12U and up.
SECTION 4. Shoes: 1. Canvas shoes or shoes with rubber cleats.

  1. Alteration of cleats, such as sharpening – which might
    make them injurious to participants, is prohibited.
  2. See A.S.A. Rule Book. Metal cleats are permitted for
    16U and up only.

SECTION 5. Pitcher’s Glove and Equipment

  1. The pitcher’s glove shall be uniform in color and shall not be
    white or gray.
  2. No pitcher shall attach to her glove any foreign material of a
    color different from the glove.
  3. No pitcher shall wear wrist sweat bands.

SECTION 6. Protective Headgear:

  1. All batters and base runners are required to wear full
    coverage head gear – protective to the top of the head,
    temples, ears, and base of the skull, ie. a batting helmet
    w/face guards and chin straps, as approved by the A.S.A. or
    the Board of Directors, at all practices and games.


SECTION 1. Unless otherwise designated, the official scorebook shall be kept by the home team.


SECTION 1. The schedule of games shall be approved by the Board of Directors.


SECTION 1. Playing illegal players shall result in forfeiture of games in which players participated illegally if protested in writing by any of the league managers or officials within 48 hours of the game in question.

  1. An illegal player is one who is not legally a member of the league
    because she is not registered with A.S.A. and/or is not on the team’s
    official roster.

SECTION 2. Penalty for use of an ineligible player shall be immediate removal of the player from the line-up and game forfeiture upon appeal by the opposing manager or notification by the official scorekeeper or other league official, provided the official scorebook or other league records verify the ineligibility of the player in question.

  1. In the event a manager of an ineligible player refuses to remove the
    player in question from the line-up when the appeal is made and
    verified, the game shall be forfeited.


SECTION 1. No admission shall be charged to any league games. Voluntary contributions are permitted. Invitational Tournaments or post season tournaments may charge fees for teams and/or admission to games.


SECTION 1. Coaches shall be responsible for developing softball skills and sportsmanship in their players. Coaches shall be responsible for team practices, compliance with the rules of play and participation, and team/player discipline.

SECTION 2. All teams must have an adult coach over the age of 18.

SECTION 3. All teams must have an assistant coach.

SECTION 4. The coach or assistant coach must be present at every practice and every game.

SECTION 5. All coaches must read and be familiar with the A.S.A. rule book and the league’s local rules.

SECTION 6. All coaches are responsible for the return of all equipment.


SECTION 1. Umpires shall be A.S.A. certified officials.


SECTION 1. Official A.S.A. Rule Book is to be used at all times with the listed restrictions for each age level. Local rules may be adopted to modify A.S.A. rules for league play.


SECTION 1. The Board of Directors shall have all necessary corporate and legal powers to manage, direct, and promote the non-profit nature of GALS and its operations, including the power to make financial decisions, legal decisions, and discretionary decisions concerning the program and including the retention of legal advisors, accountants, and corporate promoters.